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conference was supported by the working group for fisheries (AG-FISK), funded in 2009 to implement the strategies established by EK-FJLS (Fisheries and Aquaculture) and the Nordic Council of Ministers, and to perform an advisory function towards EK-FJLS (Fisheries and Aquaculture) and the NCM. The scientific body of POLSHIFT was composed of the Marine Research Institute of Iceland (Coordinator), Matís Ltd. (Reykjavík, Iceland), the Faroe Marine Research Institute (FAMRI), the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR), the University of the Faroe Islands (UFI), the Institute of Marine Research of Norway (IMR), and the Fisheries and Ocean Institute (Canada).

The objective of POLSHIFT conference was to bring together stakeholders, professional from the fishing industry and a broad spectrum of specialists of the pelagic complex species, genetics, fisheries management and global climate changes to prepare future collaborations on the effect of global climate changes on the distribution of the pelagic complex species such as blue whiting, herring, capelin and mackerel (in the North Atlantic). Presented talks therefore covered a large spectrum of interests such as changes in operational costs and access to resources, adaptation of fishing fleet to new resources or new location of the resources, changes in life-history, distribution range, feeding and spawning location, genetic structure, and ecosystem impacts all potentially related to climate change.

POLSHIFT conference was held at the Marine Research Institute of Iceland on 14-15th April 2015 (week 16). POLSHIFT gathered between 75-90 peoples among which 24 speakers.

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